Our Staff

Putu Sri Utari Dewi

IMG_5556-Utari copy

My name is Putu Sri Utari Dewi, call me Utari. I am from Ubud. Working in hospitality industry is my passion. I started my career in this industry in 1998 in many 5 star hotels in Bali and Java. I believe success is about good attitude and good heart.



I Made Darma Putra


I am called Made. I from local Medahan village, and I am head chef here at Vision Villa. My favorite things is my family. I have two children, that love the beach very very much. They love go for playing with the sand.



I Gst Made Putra


My name is Gst Made Putra. I am from the local village of Medahan. I am on security. i like to watch MCTV which is like an Indonesian ESPN, and the best fighter is Mike Tyson!!



Putu Sastra Adhipermana


I called Putu. I am IT man at Vision Villa. I come from Bangli. In the future, I want to be architect, that is my dream, and maybe even lawyer. I want to do this because my hobby is build a building. I helped to build many homes in my village. One day I am famous traditional Baliese architect.



I Nyoman Armada


My name is Nyoman Armada. I am keeper of public area. I am from Medahan regency, Anggarkasih city. I have lived in this city all of my life. Every morning I love going to the beach before sunrise and search for magic stones.



Ni Putu Eka Juliati Dewi

IMG_5672-EKa copy

My name is Ni Putu Eka Juliati Dewi, Eka for short. But my unique name is Tukaka, just like the football player. Here at Vision Villas, I am here for waitress. I am from Guwang. In my village we have a very beautiful art market. I love this art very much and I also really like Korean films. Some of my favorites are “Princess House” and “Lie to Me”.


Kadek Gede Ardita


My name is Kadek Gede Ardita. I come from Medahan village. Our village has a lot of art. Many people are cavers and create the statues you see all around Bali. We also have a big traditional market where you can buy fish, t-shirt, lamp and more. At Vision Villas, I am receptionist, working and helping with the guest. For fun, I ride motorcross with my friends. I ride all over Bali exploring.


Ni Wayan Sunarti

IMG_5700-Yan-Spa copy

My name is Ni Wayan Sunati. I am from local Medahan village. I am married with local Medahan man, and we have two children. Number one girl is 6 years old, and number two boy is 10 months old, just a baby. Here at Vision Villas, I give massages and run the spa.



I Nyoman Putra


My name is Nyoman Puta. I am from Gianyar. I live in this local village with my family of five. Cooking is my work here at Vision Villas, but I love football. My favorite team is Brazil, and my favorite player is Ronaldo. My biggest wish is to go to the world cup in Rio, Brazil.



Ni Nyoman Suciati


My name is Ni Nyoman Suciati, Suciati means “Holy Water” in Balinese. I am local from Medahan. Here at Vision Villas, I job in housekeeping. But I also teach Balinese dance for my children and their friends at their school. I love to perform Balinese dance and sometimes I get to perform in my local temple.



I Ketut Sunarta


I am called Ketut Sunarta. I am come from Medahan village. I am security guard at Vision Villas. For fun, I play six-man volleyball. My team name is Putra Medahan. We play everyday in my local village.


I Wayan Agus Wardiana


My name is Wayan Agus Aribawa. I am from Medahan. My job, I am here working at Vision Villas purchasing everything needed in the resort. I love RnB music, techno and metal rock. One of my favorite bands is Blink 182! And I think Travis Barker is very cool.



Ni Wayan Chandri


My name is Wayan Chandri, and I am from Medahan village. I am job kitchen here at Vision Villas. Every weekend I go to the beach for playing water and making fun with my family. My family and children are very important to me.


I Nyoman Wiranata

IMG_5578-Wira copy

I am called Nyoman Wira. Medahan is my village. I am working as engineer in Vision Villa. I love fishing. One time I was fishing in lake, and I caught very big ell. Longer than me and as thick as my leg. I took it home and ate with my family and friend.


Ni Nengah taniasih

IMG_5622-Tanasih copy

I am called Tania, I’m 43 years old  and  i from medahan village. I’m working in house-keeping department at Vision Villas. I love fishing with my big strong husband, Wayan,  and then cooking the catch for my family. My favorite fish to eat is catfish, because they taste so good.



Ni Komang Ayu Wedayani

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My name is Komang. I am job front office, and I am from Gianyar. My one wish is to go somewhere I never go. I have never been outside of Bali, but my three biggest dream for traveling is Paris, New Zealand & Russia. One day I go, and explore these countries.


Ni Wayan Sukenti


I am Ni Wayan. I am originally from Denpasar, but I marry here in Medahan. I am cook for food. I love jogging, cycling, walking and aerobic. I love because it make me feel healthy, and makes my body feel very good.  My favorite place to jog is in the beach, maybe Macheti or Cucukan.



Odhe Indra Permana Sandhi


My name is Odhe Putu. I am from the local Medahan village. I am a bar waiter here at Vision Villas. My favorite drink to mix is Pina Colada, and one day I hope to make a famous mixing drink .


Wayan Eka Rudi Arsa

VV Staff 16316

I called Wayan, and I am from Medahan village. I am work in Vision Villas as a security. Before I working as security, I was not so powerful and had a small body. But since I joined security, I have been going to the gymnasium to be strong man. I hope soon I will be very strong and have six-pack.


I Gede Teguh Maha Putra


My name is I Gede Teguh Maha Putra, I come from Bangli. My hobby is traveling and my dream is one day being a success man in my career so I could make my parents proud of me. They should be happy for it.