About Us

Welcome to Vision Villas, Bali’s Personal Enrichment Resort

A boutique resort tailored to travelers and groups who seek to retreat, reflect, revive and renew.
Located away from Bali’s tourist belt, Vision Villas offers a seventeen room retreat tailored to learning and discovery, with luxurious rooms, water gardens, gorgeous outdoor pavilions and Bali’s most comprehensive library of books and DVDs – covering all subjects from health, wealth and leadership to relationships and personal growth.

Vision Villas creates the perfect opportunity and environment for a life changing experience. A haven of tranquil seclusion; it is the perfect location for relaxation, introspection and transformation.

“We created the Vision Villa resort as a sanctuary to get vision and give vision. The vision we trust that our guests will get is in the flow of water and sculptures through the resort, our unique library and rooms named after Balinese gods. The vision we know our guests will give is through our connection with the John Fawcett Foundation, whose selfless work in restoring the eyesight of local Balinese we have supported since the launch of our resort. This means your stay is directly contributing to the gift of vision in Bali. Vision comes in the form of both sight and insight, and our philosophy is summed up by the quote from Helen Keller, written on the wall of Vision Villas Resort: “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

Roger & Renate Hamilton, Founders of Vision Villas Resort